adi ROSPA IAM DIA RAC Fleet Licence
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So who is "Tony Kerruish", your Trainer?

• I’ve been an Approved Driving Instructor [ADI] for over 13 years.

• For 6½ of these, I was employed full-time as an Instructor Trainer with one of the country's leading Instructor Training Companies, until they made all their salaried Trainers redundant in January 2013.

• During my career as an ADI Trainer I have taken and passed the following driving tests :

    Cardington Special Test - Passed at Grade A - 1 June 2007 - available only to ADIs.
    This is taken at the DVSA* Training Headquarters in Cardington, Bedfordshire.
    The test is 1˝-hours long and to achieve a Grade A, you are allowed no more than three driver faults - nothing is overlooked!

    DIAmond Special Test - Passed 13 Jan 2007 - which is organised by the Driving Instructors Association [DIA], and taken at Sheffield, consisting of a one-and-a-half hour drive with fifteen minutes of commentary driving, and no more than two driver faults - with no more then one driver fault in any individual assessment box.

    • The RAC Advanced Test - Passed 18 June 2007 - which is done jointly between the RAC and BSM School of Motoring.
    This test, taken in Nottingham, is done on a risk assessment of driving and I passed at "Platinum" Standard.

    • The Institute of Advanced Motorists [IAM] Test : taken in Mansfield and passed on 23 Jan 2007.

    ROSPA Advanced Test - Passed 24 March 2007 - which is based on "Roadcraft" The Police Driving Manual and includes commentary driving, which I passed at "Gold" Standard.

    ROSPA Advanced Re-Test*** - Passed 29 May 2010 - confirming continued "Gold" Standard.

    ROSPA Advanced Re-Test*** - Passed 25 May 2013 - confirming continued "Gold" Standard.

    ROSPA Advanced Re-Test*** - Passed 5th March 2017 - confirming continued "Gold" Standard.

        *** The ROSPA [Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents] test is re-taken every three years to maintain standard.

• I have also taken my LGV Class 2 driving test which I passed first time.

• I am also a DVSA Fleet-registered Trainer. and - from 2007 to 2013 - was on the DVSA/ORDIT** Register of approved Driving Instructor Trainers.

• During my spare time I enjoy working in my garden and allotment.

• I also like watching motorbike racing and Formula 1 racing.
I enjoy going to watch motorbike club racing and going to the Isle of Man TT Races.

If you are a  New Driver [L-Driver],  you'll find that I like to make the training-sessions fun and enjoyable; you'll also find that you'll become a confident driver as opposed to someone nervously hoping to pass a driving test!

*DVSA stands for the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency, the Government Agency which oversees all Driving Tests, Examiner Training etc.
**ORDIT stands for the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers.

adi ROSPA IAM DIA RAC Fleet Licence

Tony Kerruish DVSA ADI [Car] / MIAM / MDIA
• DVSA/ORDIT-approved Trainer of Instructors - at Parts 1, 2 and 3 - from 2007 to 2013
• DVSA-approved Fleet Trainer
• DVSA-approved Trainer of Hazard Perception
• Holder of the Cardington Special Driving Test Certificate at Grade A
• Holder of the DIAmond Advanced Driving Certificate
• Holder of the ROSPA Avanced Driving Test at "Gold" Standard
• Holder of the RAC Advanced Driving Test Certificate at "Platinum" Standard
• Member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists
• Holder of LGV Class 2 Permit

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