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Your Lessons With Tony.

So the time's arrived...
      the car's pulled up...
           there's a knock at the door....

Tony, your driving instructor, is here for your first driving lesson!

How do you feel?
Nervous? Anxious? Worried? Excited?

Learning to drive can be a daunting experience; after all, it's about trying to master the skills needed to control the car, all the rules of the road and to understand what other drivers are doing around you.

Don’t worry, though!

From the moment I meet you, I aim to make your driving a pleasant and enjoyable experience, and I'll teach you to be a safe and confident driver for life.
  • I'll explain everything you need to know to make you a safe and confident driver who can interact with everybody else on the road.
  • I'll guide you with clear and concise instruction to help you develop your skills to master the control of the car.
  • The lessons will be well-planned to meet YOUR particular needs.
  • All your lessons will be fun but with seriousness of purpose.
friends in the back As your driving progresses you may want to bring a parent or a friend on one or more of your lessons to show how well your skills are progressing.
I am more then happy for them to come along as long as they don’t distract you from the back seat.

You may want picking up or dropping off at a different place from where you live, like college, work, or a partner’s house. This can be arranged before your lesson, but needs to be within a 'reasonable' area of your address.
Sorry, but I can’t drop you off in Skegness!

As your skills develop, if you'd like you could bring your favourite tracks on a USB stick, or listen to the radio, as long as you can hear me, and I can hear you that’s fine.
Changing a track, or choosing a different radio-station is a 'skill' which is part of your training [even if you don't bring your own memory-stick!]

When taking your lessons it's important to dress so that you’re comfortable.
• Avoiding wearing big coats which could restrict your movement.
The car is fully-air-conditioned [hot and cold!] so you can set the temperature for your comfort.
• Wear 'sensible' shoes so you will have a good feeling for the foot controls.

The main thing is to come to your lessons with an open mind and be willing to learn, whilst having fun.

We will embark on a fantastic journey together to develop a skill that will last you for the rest of your life, give you independence and open loads of job opportunities.

Tony Kerruish DVSA ADI [Car] / MIAM / MDIA
• DVSA/ORDIT-approved Trainer of Instructors - at Parts 1, 2 and 3 - from 2007 to 2013
• DVSA-approved Fleet Trainer
• DVSA-approved Trainer of Hazard Perception
• Holder of the Cardington Special Driving Test Certificate at Grade A
• Holder of the DIAmond Advanced Driving Certificate
• Holder of the ROSPA Avanced Driving Test at "Gold" Standard
• Holder of the RAC Advanced Driving Test Certificate at "Platinum" Standard
• Member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists
• Holder of LGV Class 2 Permit

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