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One Payment gets you your full licence with ajkDrivingSchool*

Menu-Priced, Full Course with Pass Guarantee.

From 1st January 2019, for a one-off payment of £1,499 we guarantee to teach you to drive
until you pass your Practical Driving Test.

Price also includes one attempt at the Theory Test and one attempt at the Practical Test.
At  AJK Driving School & Instructor Training  we will teach you to drive and pass your test with as many lessons as you need.

Pass first time and receive a £30 discount on your "Pass Plus" course.

What are the advantages of paying for your driving lessons "up front"?

The conventional way of paying for driving is to pay "per lesson", or maybe pay for a block of 10 lessons.
Nothing wrong with that.... until something comes up and you can’t afford that week's lesson.
• Then you have to pay for the theory test [£23] and Practical Test [£62].
• Paying per-lesson, you might only book a one-hour or a two-hour per week; which means it could take longer to learn to drive.

The Driving Standards Agency recommend that the average New Driver now takes 40-45 hours to learn to drive [to Test-standard] with a professional driving instructor, plus 20 hours' private practice with a friend or relative.
• If you’re taking one hour's tuition per week this could take nearly a year to learn to drive.
• If you’re paying £30 per hour the cost could be around £1350, then the costs of your tests on top of that!

The advantage of paying a one-off £1499 flat fee is that everything* is paid for.
Taking 4 to 6 hours of lessons a week will accelerate your learning.
You will establish the skills which are needed to drive skilfully sooner, due to more professionally-guided practice.
You could pass your test within 10 to 12 weeks, though this could depend on waiting times for your Theory Test - [approx 2 weeks] - and for the Practical Test - [approx 6-8 weeks as we go into 2018].

Click this link to see the DVSA's
own announcement on :
The Cost of Learning to Drive

DVSA = the Government's "Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency"

Learning to drive isn't that expensive when you consider the independence and the job opportunities that can become open to you. It’s an investment that could last for the next 50+ years.

* Please note the Terms and Conditions for this offer.

• This deal is valid for a 12-month period, starting from the date of your first driving session.
• You must be prepared to have a minimum of 4hrs tuition a week - [2x2hr lessons].
• You must have passed your Theory Test by 30hrs of driving lessons.
   [If after 30 hrs' driving tuition, your Theory Test isn't passed, practical lessons will be restricted to 1 hr per week until Theory Test is passed].
• If you fail your first attempt at the Theory Test or Practical Test, you will be responsible for the paying the Test Fee of your further attempt[s].
• The date of your Practical Test will be agreed between you and your Instructor and you must follow your Instructor’s advice.
• Your Instructor will book both your Theory and Practical Tests for you, once dates have been agreed.
• Theory homework will be provided for you to complete between lessons, and this must be completed. This will keep you on target for your agreed test-date.

    Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances, and subject to the following terms :
    • The cost of lessons taken and an administration charge will be deducted before any refund given.
    • Normal lesson price is calculated at Ł30 per hour.
    • Ł100 administration charge applies [included in the initial Ł1499].

* Price and Terms correct from 1st January 2019

Tony Kerruish DVSA ADI [Car] / MIAM / MDIA
• former DVSA/ORDIT-approved Trainer of Instructors - at Parts 1, 2 and 3 - from 2007 to 2013
• DVSA-approved Fleet Trainer
• DVSA-approved Trainer of Hazard Perception
• Holder of the Cardington Special Driving Test Certificate at Grade A
• Holder of the DIAmond Advanced Driving Certificate
• Holder of the ROSPA Avanced Driving Test at "Gold" Standard
• Holder of the RAC Advanced Driving Test Certificate at "Platinum" Standard
• Member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists
• Holder of LGV Class 2 Permit

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